Monday, July 21, 2014

Weeder is quick and easy

With the Garant weeder you can easily uproot any weed. And it seems to be true.
  • Insert the weeder straight down on the weed.
  • Remove the weed by slightly twisting the tool.
  • Then eject the weed with a single shot of the sliding handle. 
It is effective in all soil types.  I found that it worked best with thistle and dandelions on my lawn but didn't work so well on tree roots. It was quick and easy - a tool I would recommend for a
ny gardener. One feature I found particularly helpful was a ratchet in the hanlde. When I attacked weeds next to a wall and could only turn the hanlde half way, i could ratchet it back so that I could go at the weed again.

I liked the fact that I could dig out a weed and not have to lean over and pick it up.  This made the job at lot easier and faster.
The YouTube demonstration says a weed digger is just as effective, but I don't find it nearly as easy to work with.

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